By Dr. Joe Camoratto PT, DPT | NeoLife Physical Therapy

Dynapenia is defined as the age related loss of neuromuscular strength. It is a new definition in the medical field over the last decade and it describes a process that we at NeoLife Physical Therapy & Wellness are all too familiar with. When it comes to aging there are 3 things that we as neuro-musculoskeletal providers work with and they include osteopenia – the loss of bone density, sarcopenia – the loss of muscle tissue and dynapenia – the loss of neuromuscular strength. All three of these can contribute to a decrease in independence and function as you get older.

Fortunately, all three can be prevented through proper loading and resistance training which is a large part of what we do here at NeoLife. Research and physiology tell us that proper loading and resistance training can increase bone strength, increase muscle size and increase strength and power output, which covers all of the aforementioned cases not to mention a wide range of other benefits including improved heart and lung health, improved mental health, improved quality of life and decrease in pain. So if you aren’t moving as well as you once were or feel like there is room for improvement in your daily life, come see us and we will work together to hit whatever goal you have in your mind!