Golfers’ Elbow or Medial Epicondylitis

Symptoms: Point tenderness/pain on the medial side of the elbow that may extend down the inside of the forearm. Most commonly an overuse injury that develops over time but can occur after trauma. Most of the time the on-set is related to an increase in activity. Weakness and pain can be elicited by turning a door knob, throwing, or flexing wrist/hand

Causes: This condition is common in throwing sports, typing, or any repetitive wrist motion. There is a breakdown and inflammation of the tendon that control the wrist and fingers at their point of insertion at the elbow.

Relief: Repairing the tendon and muscle involve gentle stretching, soft tissue mobility techniques performed by the therapist, joint mobilization to decrease stiffness/pain, Anti-inflammatory medications delivered through phonophorisis (ultrasound) or Iontophorisis (medicated patch) may be performed. Modifying the activity or resting the extremity may be recommended to allow healing to occur. Your therapist may recommend and fit you for a supportive brace to help support the extremity.