By Dr. Joseph Camoratto PT, DPT

Knees catch a lot of flak from a lot of people who think that they are not as robust and strong as they really are. The knees support almost your whole bodyweight (minus your feet!) throughout a whole range of movements and forces every day. They are built to last over time and recover and adapt extremely well to changes in your lifestyle.


When pain presents itself in the knees, many people fall back onto assuming that they have arthritis or a meniscal tear or bursitis of some kind, be it based on what they think, what they have heard, what their parents have had, what their friends have told them or what they’ve read online. If you read my previous post about spinal abnormalities ( then you remember that the structure doesn’t so much matter when considering what you feel, and vice versa.

A study released just this year showed that people with and without meniscal tears both felt similar things before they had surgery for said tear! “Our findings suggest that mechanical knee symptoms have a limited value when considering indication for meniscal surgery.” And to add insult to injury, if you read another one of my previous articles ( you will have seen that even if you DO have a tear in your meniscus that you do NOT need surgery to get better and that exercise therapy is just as good as surgery in regards to long term outcomes!

So rest assured that if your knees are hurting, catching, locking or if you are weighing your options in regards to what to do about them, just know that exercise is king and that is one of the things that we are great at here at NeoLife Physical Therapy and Wellness