Neolife Physical Therapy’s team is a group of individuals with a passion for making a difference. The Neolife family of employees and patients continues to grow; with a mission for changing healthcare for the better! Neolife invests in having a 1:1 ratio; for our patients to enjoy personalized and attentive care. We pride ourselves in finding high character and emotionally intelligent people. We are fueled by a purpose to “be better” each day and to maintain an open minded “ego free” philosophy; using the most effective, conservative measures available.


Robby Ellis


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Ellis is a 2012 graduate of University of Mississippi Medical Center – Physical Therapy School where he attained a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Dr. Ellis has clinical experience with multiple patient demographics, from NFL football players to sweet Grandma’s. He completed his clinical work at James Andrews institute in Gulf Breeze, FL, The nations top orthopedic institution.


Our Team


Our Therapists


Amber Polite
Physical Therapist Assistant

Myles Ladner
Physical Therapist Assistant

Audrey Sorensen
Physical Therapist Assistant

Lexie McDonald
Physical Therapist Assistant

Chance Turnage
Physical Therapist Assistant

Administrative Team


Rebecca O’Neal
Chief Operating Officer

Sebastian Seymour

Jill Boothe

Support Staff


Future Therapist Development Program

Our support staff is made of prestigious individuals who are actively pursuing higher education to obtain their Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) or Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) degree. Students who are pursuing their DPT will need to be currently enrolled in their bachelor’s degree or have completed their bachelor’s degree. Before we hire any of our support staff, twenty hours of observation are mandatory to ensure the candidate is an ideal match for NeoLife and vice versa. After the twenty hours of observation are complete, an offer may be made to that individual. NeoLife Physical Therapy & Wellness offers a scholarship to qualified candidates of our owner and founder Robby Ellis’ discretion.

Danielle Darmohray

Recently accepted into the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at South College in Knoxville, TN

Zachary Scales

Jeff Hampton

Recently accepted into the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at The University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS

Danquane Mickel
NeoFit Instructor