By Dr. Joseph Camoratto PT, DPT

Arthroscopic knee surgery or a “knee scope” is the most common orthopedic surgery in America. The cause of this surgery is due to whats called “Degenerative Knee Disease” which covers both arthritis of the knee and meniscal tears which are both very common in the population that we see at NeoLife Physical Therapy and Wellness. 

A study in 2016 found that arthroscopic surgery for meniscus repair was no better than exercise therapy intervention which is one of the main things that we do here at NeoLife. We know that strengthening the hip and knee musculature is the gold standard in knee rehabilitation including degenerative knee disease. 

The American Physical Therapy Association as well as the British Journal of Sports Medicine states that they recommend strongly against arthroscopic surgery for degenerative knee disease which includes knee arthritis and meniscal damage. 

Another study done in 2018 shows that it is very common (19-43% in those older than 40) to have abnormal findings in their MRI reports in people that dont have any pain or symptoms at all! 

To summarize:

– Just because they find something wrong on your MRI doesn’t mean you’ll have pain or issues with your knee

– The vast majority of knee arthroscopic surgeries do not have better results than physical therapy intervention

– Exercise therapy is the go to for recovering from and preventing degenerative knee disease

All this being said, come in to NeoLife Physical Therapy and Wellness if you are having knee pain and we will try our best to get you back to how you were functioning before without the risk of undergoing surgery for what you’re feeling!