Who We Are

NeoLife Physical Therapy and Wellness is an orthopedic manual therapy intensive clinic founded on a family culture, ethical responsibility and a culture of “doing it the right way”, and addressing the root causes of pain and dysfunction with a hands-on treatment approach. We are passionate about people, life, and our profession.

We believe that the key to successful clinical outcomes is dependent on skilled “hands on” intervention, and caring relationships. We are determined to provide the highest quality of care using the most effective techniques used around the world. Research supports the use of manual therapy interventions combined with appropriate corrective movements to accomplish quick and lasting relief. Our treatment protocols are based on evidence collected globally that supports and validates the clinical decisions that we make.

Overall, we have great outcomes because we believe in a holistic approach to physical therapy, an open dialog between collaborating professionals, and an environment that breathes life and encourages healing.

Our Goals:

● To breathe life into patients who are in pain and in need of physical restoration. Today our healthcare system can be passive and tends to focus on alleviating symptoms without addressing the sources of dysfunction and pain.
● To empower patients by giving them the tools to actively address their unique needs and improve their quality of life. NeoLife Physical Therapy & Wellness combines the most effective hands-on methods to treat our patients’ ailments based on current science and research.
● To work with referring physicians to diagnose and treat the primary causes of patients’ symptoms with revolutionary hands-on treatment techniques, outstanding patient education, and world class customer service which makes therapy fun!
● We are determined to provide the highest quality outcomes in a timely and efficient manner.